[Notice] Buy One, Get One Promo

We are offering this chance only to the first 100 classmates. Enjoy the promotion before it’s too late.

When enrolling in a class, select another free one from the "Bonus class list" below. Add both of them together to your cart. At the checkout, the bonus class will appear as a free product.

However, the bonus class only offers class access only. If you wished to purchase an all-in-one package, please email us at support@class101.net, after you make your purchase with the bonus class. We'll send you an invoice to make a payment on all-in-one package & shipping fee.

Only one discount at a time can apply to a single order.

<Buy One, Get One> works like this:
e.g. If you enroll in one class, you get one bonus class
e.g. If you enroll in two classes, you get two bonus classes


Bonus class list:

  1. Document Your Life With Pen Drawings: The Ultimate Beginner's Course
  2. Turn Your Photos into a Digital Drawing - Online iPad Drawing Class
  3. Soft and Sensual Colors That Fill the Page: Doop’s Colored Portraits
  4. Dive into the World of Animation with Disney-Inspired iPad Drawing Course
  5. Learn Retro & City Pop Style Anime Drawing on iPad
  6. Learn to Draw Realistic and Graceful Characters with Novoduce
  7. Draw Urban Sketches Like An Architect
  8. Detailed Urban Sketches With Only a Pen
  9. Learn How To Create Acrylic Portraits That Surpass Reality
  10. Draw While You Travel - Pen and Watercolor
  11. Learn Fantasy Anime Drawing on iPad with Indigo
  12. Learn How to Bring Out Texture in iPad Drawing
  13. Learn iPad Drawing Online: Anime & Manga School with Juan
  14. Travel & Lifestyle Illustrations - Learn Marker & Pen Drawing
  15. Learn How To Create Dreamy Fairy Tale Scenes Using an iPad
  16. The Ultimate Portrait Drawing Course - Beginner to Advanced