Pipe Beautiful Floral Cupcakes with Bakeree

By.Bakeree by Eelynn Yong





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Pipe Beautiful Floral Cupcakes with Bakeree

with Baker, Bakeree Eelynn Yong


If you're a fan of beautiful flowers and cupcakes, this course is the one for you!
This course is catered to beginners which means it will teach you the fundamentals of floral-themed buttercream piping. From the basics of cupcake baking and coloring buttercream to piping floral cupcakes!
The icing on the (cup)cake will be good food styling and photography tips! By the end of this course, you will be able to create aesthetically pleasing cupcakes that will wow your family and friends!


This class is for anyone and everyone!
As long as you’re someone who has an interest in piping beautiful floral themed cupcakes!
Whether it’s improving your pre-existing skills or trying something new, this course will be great for all! You will have an eye for color and have an appreciation for visually appealing things in life - be it nature, fashion and food styling.


By the end of this beginner's course, you will learn the basics of baking, including making the cupcake base and buttercream. You will have a greater understanding of coloring buttercream and mixing colors to your desired color shade/palette. You will learn essential skills in piping rosettes and drop flowers buttercream. Upon completion, you will be able to pipe a set of beautiful floral-themed cupcakes that will be a feast for any pair of eyes!

Fundamentals of Piping Rosettes

The Art of Creating & Mixing Color for Buttercream

Final Touches

Meet Your Creator
Hello and Welcome everyone!
My name is Eelynn, and I am the baker behind Bakeree.
In this cupcake course, I will be teaching you the skills you need to pipe beautiful floral themed cupcakes that will wow your family and friends! The inspiration to create beautiful floral cupcakes stems from my love for flowers and dessert.
Being a hobby artist who once did portrait drawing, I wanted to transform cupcakes into floral art rather than the ordinary cupcakes we commonly see. I thought to myself - I could replace the cupcakes as my canvas while the buttercream as my paint. Put them together, and that was how the magic happened! Creativity is limitless, and as long as you have the medium to create, you can do wonders!
Inspiration comes in many forms, and I pride myself in having a rich Asian heritage background as my source of inspiration. Besides my floral cupcakes, I have also done a few Asian inspired pieces, which were my audience favorites such as the blue porcelain bowl, Sakura and Chinese painting set.
My dream is to keep creating beautiful cupcakes through inspirations from my surroundings. I look forward to sharing my skills and knowledge with all of you!

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