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Draw Compelling Characters and Bring Them to Life with Animation


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1. Go at your own pace in this 32-week online course
2. Artistic g
uidance & pointers from the instructor
3. Supportive peer community exchanging feedback
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Draw Compelling Characters and Bring Them to Life with Animation

Digital Drawing with Animation by
Artist, Devanshi


Ever wanted to create your own original characters, build a story centered around them, learn anatomy, and develop your own stylized art? From learning how to draw a face to dynamic full body poses, I will teach you how to develop your own original character that you can draw consistently while also teaching you how to add animation to them on the iPad using Procreate!


This class is for beginners who want a deeper understanding of how to create dynamic character designs while learning how to animate them.

You will learn how to form anatomy while being consistent within your designs, and even get a grasp on how to subtly animate details that bring your character to life!


Creating a character is one thing but bringing them to life and showing how they interact with the world is another!
Upon completion of this course, you will be able to create eye catching character designs, learn how to draw your characters consistently, the basics of animation, and create well colored and shaded pieces to grow into your portfolio!

Step 1: Drawing on procreate with the iPad

Step 2: Tackling the human body

Step 3: Learning consistency

Step 4: Rendering characters

Step 5: Animating your character on procreate

Important Notice: This is an early bird class! That means the production of this class is just starting. The curriculum is subject to change, and content may be uploaded sequentially based on the creator’s schedule to ensure that we provide the class in the best quality possible.


  1. Nice to meet you, I’m Dev :)
  2. Introduction to the course
  3. Artistic advice

Chapter 1: Intro to Procreate

  1. Meeting the procreate interface
  2. Setting up brushes & learning shortcuts

Chapter 2: Learning Character Anatomy

  1. Understanding body proportions
  2. Loosen up & learn different poses
  3. Thinking like an animator: sketching & figuring drawing

Chapter 3: Facing Facial Structure

  1. Facial proportions
  2. Head turn around
  3. How to stylize a headshot: eyes, hair, nose, mouth

Chapter 4: Learn to Draw Clothing

  1. The basics of how clothes work in 2D
  2. Don’t steam those wrinkles: learning how clothes fold

Chapter 5: The Art of Being Consistent

  1. The importance of consistency
  2. Working with different facial expressions
  3. Forming character turnarounds

Chapter 6: Developing your Art

  1. How an art style develops
  2. Exploring different styles

Chapter 7: Choosing a Color Palette

  1. Color theory
  2. The different blending modes
  3. Picking colors & setting the mood
  4. The fun part: tackling shading & lighting

Chapter 8: Making your Own Original Character

  1. Finding inspiration for your character
  2. Figuring out what your character’s personality is
  3. What makes a character more dynamic?
  4. Forming character sheets

Chapter 9: Learn the Basics of Animation in Procreate

  1. Procreate interface part 2
  2. Animation101: these basics are important to know!

Chapter 10: Applying Animation to your own Character

  1. Simplifying a character for animation
  2. Tips & tricks to make your animations less stiff
  3. Figuring out how the body moves: learning to use yourself as reference
  4. Gif-guide: making your character blink & turning it into a gif
  5. Let’s take a walk: learning the walk cycle
  6. The final render: making a simple animation in procreate & coloring it (intermediate)


  1.   Congratulations on Completing the Course

Meet Your Creator



My name is Devanshi and I, like many other artists, have been drawing since I could hold a crayon! Growing up with parents who were medical professionals, there were only 3 things you could pursue as a career - doctor, lawyer, or engineer. I put art away for a long time and focused my attention on studying instead.

Years later, I picked it up again and I realized how much art never left me. I wanted to express stories and share my Indian-American culture with the world, but I knew it would take a lot of convincing to show my parents that not only was the art world beautiful, but that there were commercially viable careers in the field. I showed them endless animated movies and made them stay till the very end and let the credits play. My mom turned to me and said “I can’t wait until we see your name on that screen”. I sat there overwhelmed and happy with the knowledge that I could finally pursue what made me happy with my parent's approval and full support.

I promised to work incredibly hard and I continue to do so even after graduating art school. The art journey is tough and it’s never really over, but the satisfaction of learning how to bring your imagination to life is something I wouldn’t trade for anything. I can’t wait to share my process with you guys!

This course will teach and guide you on how to effectively utilize different tools such as "digital brushes," "palettes," and "blending options" in Procreate app.
We will help you adjust app settings to optimize your drawing experience.

*Please Note: Students will have to purchase Procreate application ($10 in Apple Store). It is not included in the course package.

  • People who want to learn a basic animation concept
  • People who want to learn and apply digital drawing skills
  • People who want to learn designing characters from A to Z
  • People who want to add colors and values to improve their drawing

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 32 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

Important Notice

This is an early bird class! That means the production of this class is just starting. The curriculum is subject to change, and content may be uploaded sequentially based on the creator’s schedule to ensure that we provide the class in the best quality possible.

Earn points to Extend the Class Access

Receive points by completing chapter missions OR by taking the class two or more times a week. And use the points to extend your class access!

Super Early Bird Offer

Once we pass the release date, we will no longer offered the class at "Super Early Bird". The rate will be raised after the date, right now is the cheapest deal you can get.

Installment Payment

Quadpay is available for the payment! Your order will be split into 4 installments paid over 6 weeks! To find out more, please visit Quadpay.

Class Preparation (iPad)

Also, you need an Apple Pencil to take the class. The latest version of iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad, iPad Pro all works!Do not forget about downloading the 'Procreate' app as well.

Class access

Class videos will be available by April 13th. We will notify you via email regarding how to access to the class videos on the release date.

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