A Street Landscape with Ink: How to Create a Stunning Architectural Illustration

By.Jasmine A





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A Street Landscape with Ink: How to Create a Stunning Architectural Illustration

with Artist, Jasmine A


Have you always been enchanted by rural landscapes?, Do you like to draw streets and dream about learning how to show their beauty with ink and dip pens? Don't know what to start with and how to grow and improve your skills on your own?This class is going to help you make your first steps in this technique and start creating beautiful illustrations!


This class is for people who love urban scenes and architectural landscapes. It is for anyone who wants to learn how to create eye-catching drawings with ink without overloading them with too many details. It is also useful for anyone who would like to learn hatching techniques and create expressive drawings.


By the end of this course students will learn how to use perspective in their drawings. They will understand how to use hatching correctly and how to keep improving it after the course. The students will be able to create an ink illustration step by step from a preparatory sketch to the final drawing.

Fundamentals of Perspective and Reference Analysis

Value Rendering and Hatching Technique

The Final Illustration

Meet Your Creator
I’m Jasmine and am a Russian artist currently based in Armenia. I’ve been drawing since my early childhood and I’ve always been particularly in love with pen and ink drawings. I felt so enchanted by the way hatching and lines are able to compose a whole drawing and make it look so dynamic and vivid! I came back to that technique many years later and I started by simple pen sketches I made walking through the streets. I gradually improved my technique, getting deeper into details, perspective, I got more and more curious about the lights and shadows, about hatching and textures, discovering more things.
Then I graduated from Emile Cohl school in France and today I basically work in black and white, using ink and dip pens to create various illustrations. I’ve tried a lot of techniques throughout my artistic life but the hatching technique still remains the most thrilling and inspiring to me! It feels so good to create magic with just a dip pen and black ink that I would like to share that stunning experience with you! I’m looking forward to seeing you on my online drawing class and I hope you will enjoy discovering a new approach to drawing illustrations and sketches of your own.

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