Let's Digest Korean Patterns, from Grammar to Speaking, with Minji from Minji Teaches Korean

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Hello to you who catches some Korean words, but are having a hard time actually speaking them out!

We all know that Korean language can be very difficult. But, what if there was a much faster and fun way that you've been missing out the whole time?

So here we are with Minji's online Korean class! This class is for those who -

  • Have learnt some Korean, but can't really speak or make sentences by themselves
  • Have had hard time with Korean grammar, especially with verb conjugations
  • Felt lost with their Korean studying with unstructured free sources or lost motivation due to boring textbooks
  • Have been stressed out memorizing Korean vocabularies and therefore wished to understand the hidden structure of Korean words
  • Wish to finally understand Korean Grammar and express themselves naturally in Korean

This will be the perfect course for you, where you can overcome all the difficulties with Minji from Minji Teaches Korean.


Meet our famous instructor Minji, from Minji Teaches Korean

With 150K subscribers in her youtube channel 'Minji Teaches Korean', Minji has already impressed tons of students worldwide who learned from her.


This seriously made me feel like I was actually getting somewhere with learning Korean. SERIOUSLY so helpful

-by J*a

I like the way you teach, this topic is very hard to understand but I'm getting the gist of it

-by Yanan D***stay

Seriously, this is the best explanation regarding this topic that I've ever seen in my entire life! thank you so much for this

-by La**s M

About the Instructor, Minji from Minji Teaches Korean

Hello! This is Minji from Minji teaches Korean! (⬅️ Click to see my youtube channel!)

My motto for teaching Korean is "Teach them how to catch the fish, rather than just hunting for them". I'm not going to make you memorize anything out of nowhere in my class. You will learn to understand the structure behind Korean language and be able to logically predict how your sentences should look like through my class. With my lessons you will be able to say whatever you want to say after taking this class.

Yes this is a grammar class. I will guide you step by step through mastering Korean grammar with highly structured grammar pattern lessons that I prepared and used for more than 5 years. My curriculum has seen endless development during this time. There are so many success stories from my students about improving and gaining confidence in their Korean!

Now it's your turn to make your own success story.

About Minji:

  • Majored in Korean education in Sungshin Women's University
  • Runs the youtube channel 'Minji Teaches Korean' (150K Subscribers)
  • Radio on Air: TBS_Inside Korea, introducing useful Korean expressions every morning
  • Talking Korea Contents Editor(Mainly about TOPIK) in social media

What should I expect from this class?

✔️ Understand the basic logic behind Korean sentence structure and verb conjugation
✔️ Master 30 fundamental Korean sentence patterns and learn to apply them with variations
✔️ Create endless variations of sentences with them

I'll show you the gist patterns and example sentences in my class. Master the 30 essential patterns you need to know to create sentences in Korean. . I'll make you repeat them several times in my class so that you can use patterns just like native Korean speakers after finishing this course.

Remember. This course is not just a one-sided-lecture where I bore you away by explaining the difficult grammar rules. We'll practice example sentences together at different speed and pace. I'll give you 1:1 online feedback as you practice applying the core patterns to create your own sentences.


✔️ Build up your confidence by avoiding the will-make errors of English speakers ahead
✔️ Learn to use filler words naturally like a native speaker
✔️ Get used to more native expressions that convey subtle nuances

This class has a separate section to help you out in becoming a truly native Korean speaker. First, we will go over some common mistakes made by a lot of English speakers who learn Korean. With this you will be able to prevent the will-make mistakes before you actually do.

Then, I will show you the subtle differences in certain patterns that only native Koreans are aware of. I will also introduce you to some Korean expressions that textbooks don't cover. Your Korean friends will be just amazed how natural you sound.


Do not struggle alone anymore. Learn with me!

Those of you who have started learning Korean but do not really know what to do next, those of you who want to speak Korean but do not know where to start, those of you who can't speak Korean, and those of you who have had a hard time with grammar... Welcome to my class.


How to Memorize Vocab Easily & Basic Verb Patterns

- Why everybody thinks Korean is difficult, but why it actually isn't.

- Useful nouns that are most frequently used in daily situations and tips to memorizing them

- Most commonly used Korean verbs that express time and place

Mastering Time tenses (present, past, future) with Verb Patterns

- Must-Know Present tense ( regular & Irregular ) & sentence patters

- Must-Know Future tense ( regular & Irregular ) & sentence patterns

- Must-Know Past tense ( regular & Irregular ) & sentence patterns

Honorific, Recommendation, Passive, and Quotation Patterns

- Honorific Patterns: Unique verb conjugation in honorific expressions & Common mistakes to avoid

- Recommendation Patterns: How to use the 'let' sentence in Korean

- Passive Patterns: How to conjugate with tenses to convey passive nuances

- Quotation Patterns: How to quote someone else's sentence as you speak

Speak like a native Korean through understanding subtle nuances, abbreviations, and filler words

- Commonly used expressions that convey subtle nuances

- Using abbreviations coined by native Korean speakers

- Learn to use filler words to make your sentences sound more natural in verbal communication

- Practical hacks in studying further Korean

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