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Draw Manga Characters with Traditional Art Medium


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Authentic Manga Characters with Traditional Manga Tools

Traditional Manga Art with
Artist, Ninoluva


Manga is more than just a comic, it is a type of art that artists use to convey their stories that cannot be conveyed with just words. In a world where manga art can be produced digitally, this course will put it's focus on portraying manga-style characters using traditional manga tools such as nib-pens, black ink, and screen tones and using watercolor and gouache. I will go over ways of portraying characters and conveying different emotions through facial expressions and poses, as well as inking and painting techniques and tips!


This course is for anyone who is interested in picking up a pen and/or a brush to draw manga characters and appreciate the traditional medium, or it can be an aspiring manga artist who wants to learn how to use a nib-pen but doesn't know where to start from. It can be a learning experience for those unfamiliar with manga, and a push on the back for those who want to start drawing in manga-style.


After taking this course, you will have learned tips on how to draw your original manga-style characters using traditional media. You will have learned about ways of portraying emotion and creating dynamic poses that can give you confidence to get started on your own manga.

Step 1: Visualizing in Manga-Style

Step 2: Learning About Traditional Manga Tools.

Step 3: Adding Depth to Your Art

Step 4: Completing an Illustration


  1. Meet your instructor: Ninoluva!
  2. Introduction to the class!

  3. Introduction to manga-style drawing with traditional manga tools

Chapter 1: Ways of Portraying Facial Expressions and details - Hair & Clothing

  1. Exploring the manga-style
  2. Basic ways of drawing faces
  3. Incorporating realism into manga art
  4. Setting a mood with details

Chapter 2: Get Familiar with Traditional Manga Tools

  1. Introduction to nib-pens

  2. Comparing nib-pens to microns

  3. Maru-pen and G-pen

  4. Maintenance of manga tools

Chapter 3: Ink Using Different Nib-Pens and Brush Pens

  1. Working big to small with nib-pens
  2. Shading with nib-pens

  3. The ‘beta’ process with brush pens

  4. Texture with nib-pens

Chapter 4: How to Use Manga Screentones

  1. What are screentones?

  2. Cutting and tracing
  3. Tips to working precisely with screentones

  4. Layering screentones

  5. Highlighting with screentones
  6. Traditional vs. digital

Chapter 5: How to Paint in Color Using Watercolor

  1. Finding your color palette

  2. Pencil and watercolor

  3. Watercolor tips (masking, drying, prepping)
  4. Brush techniques

Chapter 6: Completing a Piece Using Ink and Watercolor

  1. Using interesting composition
  2. Creating an atmospheric illustration
  3. Mixed media: ink and watercolor
  4. Less is more
  5. ‘Finishing’ a painting
  6. Re-touching and editing for social media

Bonus Chapter

    How I find my own art style


  Congratulations on completing the course, what's next?

Meet Your Creator

My name is Aika and I am a Japanese freelance artist in New York. I am an aspiring manga-artist who works with traditional art media such as watercolor, gouache, and ink. I usually work as a freelance manga translator and I use the rest of my time for creative work and small projects. I have a passion for the 90’s and the early 2000’s manga, especially shojo manga, so my art is heavily influenced by artists such as CLAMP and Ai Yazawa. You can see in my art that I love to put my focus on characters’ emotions and giving attention to characters' hair, eyes, and fashionable outfits. The six-year old me who always read shojo manga and was teased for always drawing would’ve never imagined that I would have an opportunity to share my love for manga on such an amazing platform. It would be an amazing adventure for me as well, so please support me and let’s make this happen!
All-in-One Kit:

* Includes materials for watercolor paints

  1. Manga Screentone (Random)
  2. Comic Manga Paper
  3. Wood Pen Nib Holder(Random colors)
  4. Pilot Ink Bottle
  5. 6x Nikko G Model Pen Nibs
  6. Design Art Knife
  7. Canson Montval Watercolor Paper
  8. Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolor 12 color set
  9. Flower Shape Palette
  10. Hwahong Brush set of 5
Basic Kit:

* Does not include materials for watercolor

  1. Manga Screentone (Random)
  2. Comic Manga Paper
  3. Wood Pen Nib Holder(Random colors)
  4. Pilot Ink Bottle
  5. 6x Nikko G Model Pen Nibs
  6. Design Art Knife
  • Who want to draw with authentic manga art medium
  • Who are a huge fan of Japanese manga!
  • Who want to be able to draw their favorite manga characters
  • Who are looking for a new creative hobby

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