Digital Drawing

Paint Glossy, Semi-Realistic Portraits for the iPad in Procreate

By. Ruby Caurlette

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Digital Drawing

Learn digital drawing using Procreate


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Semi-Realistic Portrait Class

Learn Digital Illustration for the iPad in Procreate with
Portrait Artist, Rouba Alsayed a.k.a Ruby Caurlette

Anyone who wants to start digital art and semi-realism with glossy look, this class is for you! In this course, you will learn steps of drawing and painting a human portrait using Procreate for the iPad.

I will walk you through the process of making life-like portraits while sharing my own tips and tricks. I will go through how to set up canvas, choose the right colors, analyze the reference, and break things down into shapes, measuring techniques, value scale and shading forms.

Once you have gained understanding of these skills, you will be able to complete your own beautiful portrait.

If you are an individual into a semi-realism style, you are in the right class. The only requirement for this class is your creativity!

I will share ways of drawing portraits from A to Z, and you will discover how practices can train your eyes and brain to understand the reference and tools better which will eventually enhances your drawing skills.

Main takeaways from this class would be: Knowing and understanding which reference to choose and how to approach drawing with accurate proportions and lighting angles.

You will also make your own palette and learn to pick the right colors, skin tones and finally be able to combine techniques, and render your work with a set brush provided in this class.

Find Good Photo References

Draw Accurate Proportions

Pick the Right Colors

Combine Techniques & Effects

Give it the Final Touch

About the Instructor

Portrait Artist, Ruby Caurlette



I’m Rouba Alsayed also known as Ruby Caurlette. I am a student studying architecture as well as working as a freelance portrait artist. I have been drawing for almost 7 years now and during this time, I worked and collaborated with various brands and artists like Parblo, Rainy Milo and Skillshare where I got to expand and grow my career path as an artist.

Q: How did you first start doing what you do?

Drawing has been my hobby that I often enjoyed during my spare time since I was at a younger age. A few years ago, I opened my Instagram account and since then I have received lots of support and love from my followers around the world which has since been a huge motivation for me to keep on learning and practicing art to eventually become a digital drawing artist.

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