Bake Delicious Breads and Pastries at Home

By.Sim Cass





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Bake Delicious Breads and Pastries at Home

with Baker, Sim Cass


This class will focus on breads and pastries that you can make at home using natural raising techniques including making your own levain starters, and preferments. You will learn to bake a variety of breads including sourdoughs, rustic whole grain, and rye breads. We will also make bagels, pretzels, and NY bialys.


This class is for every level from the beginners to more experienced bakers --anyone who has ever wanted to make their own delicious breads at home. You don't have to be an seasoned baker or have expensive kitchen equipment. This class is for those who have the desire to learn a variety of bread recipes and improve their baking skills!

Sim Cass shaping pretzels © Tom Jamieson

Sim Cass shaping pretzels © Tom Jamieson


Students will gain an understanding and the skills needed to make authentic breads and pastries at home.

How to Develop and Feed a Levain Starter

How to Mix a Variety of Breads

How to Shape Bagels, Pretzels, and Fougasse Doughs

Meet Your Creator
Sim Cass at the Bread Ahead Bakery & School in London’s Borough Market. © Tom Jamieson
Hello, I am Sim Cass, and I have been a baker since 1973. I am one of the founding bakers of Balthazar Bakery in NYC, and have a passion for teaching others how to make bread.

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