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How to Draw Flowers, Teasets and Food: Colored Pencil Drawing Class

By. Vintage-girl

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$109.00 $142.00
Video Class
28 lessons
Running time
5h 24m
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1. Learn at your own pace in this 32-week online course.
Artistic guidance & feedback from the artist herself.
3. Engaged & supportive community of peers to exchange feedback.
4. English subtitles (Original audio in Korean).

5. Class starts after July 28th.

See for yourself to the improvements our classmates have made in this course!
240 students enrolled and 97% said they were satisfied with this course.

I started drawing them, one by one, and it was so fun and healing. :)

-by Yuchae

I really see the beauty after finishing the illustration

-by Shin Eunji

Let’s go back to analog drawings

Nowadays, people use technology to take notes and draw paper, but you can’t feel the texture of the paper with your hands. And nothing beats the crisp sound of a colored pencil grazing the surface of a sheet of paper, weaving left and right into an illustration. Digital drawing just doesn’t fill up the senses like analog drawing does.

Get strength from the small things

I find inspiration in small, pretty plants. Just like how small things can give you great strength, my heart warms when I draw. Pretty wildflowers, little objects, sweet desserts. Drawing these things fills my life with joy.

All you need are colored pencils and paper

Everyone has experience grasping colored pencils as a child. That’s why it’s an amazing tool to give you a sense of nostalgia and simple joy. Because of its portability, you can draw anywhere, anytime!

Even if you don’t like your initial sketch, if you fill the drawing with pretty colors with your colored pencils, it becomes more beautiful. Fill your illustrations with the warm texture of colored pencils

Draw the flowers you see in life

I’ll give you tips and practice with drawing flowers, and by the end of the class, you’ll walk away with having mastered drawing flowers. You’ll be able to draw any flower on your own. Decorate your diary with flower drawings, make stickers, or other projects that can make your daily life special.

Draw cute everyday objects

While the focus of this class is drawing flowers, I’ll also teach you how to draw different everyday objects and desserts. We’ll walk through drawing a tea set and desserts, and then incorporate flower patterns into those drawings.

Spend a day drawing cute flower illustrations.

Step 01 : How to Use Colored Pencils

Colored pencils are the best material to get the warm atmosphere we want with flower illustrations. Learn all the essentials on using colored pencils, from how to hold them, to how to control pressures.

Step 02 : How to Draw Flowers

Learn to draw the beautiful flowers you see in the world. I’ll walk you through how to draw various types of flowers with different petals and shapes, using different techniques.

Step 03 : Using and Blending Colors

Colors will give your flowers life. Learn about the different colors that you will use when coloring your flowers, and how to mix, match, and blend those colors into beautiful flower illustrations.

Step 04 : Drawing Other Objects

I will also teach you how to draw different objects with flower patterns. Learn how to draw different objects such as plates and pastries to apply your flower drawing skills to different illustrations.

Step 05 : Creating Products

You can use the illustrations you drew to create cute products. Learn how to make greeting cards, stickers, and diary entries using the illustration skills you learned in class.

Welcome to Vintage Girl’s Colored Pencil Drawing Class

  1. Introducing the class: drawing small and cute flowers with colored pencils
  2. Meet Vintage Girl: illustrator, artist, and your instructor
  3. About the materials: What is included in the class package?

01. The Basics of Colored Pencils

  1. About colored pencils and controlling pressure
  2. The colors we’ll use for flowers
  3. How to blend colors

02. The Basics of Drawing Flowers

  1. How to draw petals and leaves
  2. How to color petals and leaves
  3. First practice: Thunberg's meadowsweet
  4. Drawing flowers of various shapes and sizes

03. Drawing Different Types of Flowers

  1. Drawing flowers using cloud shapes
  2. Drawing flower buds and fruit
  3. Drawing wildflowers using dots
  4. Creating a flower identification guide
  5. Making flower patterns
  6. Arranging various flowers into a bouquet illustration

04. Drawing Flower Designs on Object Illustrations

  1. Drawing a tea set
  2. Adding flower designs to the tea set
  3. Adding flower embellishments and a title
  4. Drawing your own objects with flower patterns

05. Drawing Desserts

  1. Drawing different types of bread with three colors
  2. Drawing strawberry cake
  3. Drawing cherry pastries
  4. Drawing plated desserts with flower patterns

06. Making Goods

  1. How to make illustration cards
  2. Making stickers with your illustrations
  3. Keeping a diary with your illustrations

Outro: Congratulations on Finishing the Class!

In closing: Keep drawing your flowers

Artist Vintage Girl



Capture warmth with colored pencils!

I have published six books in the field of illustration and lectures, brand collaboration, and my drawings. I am also involved in various activities such as product production.

Crunchy sounds and warm texture - It has been 8 years since I started to feel attracted by the crisp sounds and warm texture of colored pencils without realizing :) Thanks to my passion for colored pencils, many people feel warmth in my artwork.

I have published numerous works like Baby cute colored pencil illustrations (2013) and Vintage girl's colored pencil illustrations (2018).

I have also worked on book illustrations every year and communicated with the readers. There were a lot of people who had a hard time coming to class because the distance was too far, so I would like to meet more people through online classes.


  • People who want to create cute little drawings
  • People who like warm textures created with colored pencils
  • People who want to learn how to draw flowers well
  • People who want to incorporate drawing into their everyday lives
  • People who want to learn a new hobby

All-in-one package

Prisma color 48 colored pencils

This is the color pencil I use most often. It is a color pencil suitable for beginners because of its excellent color development.

Five Prisma oil colored pencils

We will send you 5 colors that are not included in 48 colors individually.

Kent Paper Moorim 200g White A5 100 Sheets

This is the paper I use. It is also useful for practicing because it is a single sheet.

Prisma 2-hole pencil sharpener

A pencil sharpener to be used frequently while drawing.

1 piece of Pomtech label paper 3641

A circular label paper to be used in the application chapter.


Packages are subject to change and will be fully informed in the event of any change.

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